Schaefer Solutions Institute

Schaefer Solutions Institute is a three day workshop packed full of key information that is necessary to survive in the automated material handling industry. The event will begin on Monday, May 20, 2013 and conclude on May 22, 2013 at their North American headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

“We are excited to hold this event for our integrators and consultants,” says Schaefer System’s Integrator Manager Adam Brown. “We want to be a true partner and understand that empowering our integrators and consultants with the right resources and support is critical to everyone’s long-term success.”

This three-day workshop is packed full of key knowledge that is necessary to survive in the automated material handling industry. A site tour is planned for the first day so attendees can experience Schaefer’s automation technology first hand. On days two and three, attendees will discover the key benefits and features of Schaefer’s technology and actually put that knowledge to use with some example solutions. Upon successful completion of the workshop, system integrators and consultants will leave with the most current information and necessary skills needed to successfully partner with Schaefer to move their logistics business forward.


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Day 1

Smith Drug System Review / Facility Tour
Spartanburg, SC


Day 2


Day 3

  • Problem Solving Assignment
  • Concept Presentations
  • Certificates Presentation